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Flat Roof Repair


Do you need a Flat Roof Repair?

Is your Flat Roof leaking….again?

Have you had it patched or repaired time and time again only for it to leak the following winter? The most common leaking flat roofs what we attend to are by far roofs coated with bitumen and/or asphalt, this often because this type of roof covering doesn't stand the test of time especially in the ever changing UK weather.
If your flat roof is leaking again it’s probably time to stop throwing money at short term ineffective repairs and consider a proper solution that will last for many years to come.

There are numerous ways to repair a flat roof and many different materials and solutions available to the home owner, some are good and some are not so good but if you are looking for a durable long lasting flat roof repair that looks clean and tidy and offers a long life guarantee at an affordable cost then our professional advice is to use EPDM single ply cover.

EPDM roof covering is made from a specially formulated rubber compound; its official name is ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber.
It is perfect for the role of roofing because it’s light, easy to fit and depending on the size of the roof comes in one sheet reducing the need for seams or patches. The benefits of using EPDM  is that it’s a durable solution, and because its available in large size sheets it can often be fitted in one complete piece, unlike regular asphalt that is limited to the size of the roll. EPDM forms a weatherproof solution that will not only stand the test of time but will also save you money too.

Why choose EPDM  for your flat roof repair?
1. Very safe installation, no need for burners and naked flames.
2. Very Low maintenance costs virtually zero maintenance.
3. Proven product history.
4. Weatherproof against Summer heat and Winter cold
5. Affordable product that has long term value for money

Contact us today for all your flat roof repairs, we do not charge for call outs and our estimates are totally free and without obligation.


Flat Roof Construction

Many buildings have utilised flat roof construction rather than a pitched roof. Garages and home extensions often use this type of flat roofing. Usually flat roofs are quicker and easier to erect. Unlike a conventional pitched roof a flat roof is more prone to leaks as water quite often sits around rather than simply running off to the gutters. Many roofing contractors use traditional methods when making a flat roof weatherproof such as asphalt but as with many things this has changed over the years as new products are developed. Using EPDM in the construction of a flat roof save time effort and last much longer than other weather proof solutions. See below to lean how flat roof construction can benefit your home or garage.

Flat Roof Repair

The average flat roof construction is made up of many layers to form a long lasting roof. The ceiling forms the part of the internal structure that makes the roof aesthetically pleasing from the inside. Sandwiched in between this and the final EPDM roof is the Structural joists, roof decking, vapour or moisture control, thermal installation, the final layer is the overlay board that the EPDM cover bonds to.

Check out the video below to see how the experts fit a Flat Roof covering


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